SMOLive − this little side project I'm working on

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SMOLive − this little side project I'm working on

Postby » Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:54 am

I think it is time to go public with this little hobby project of mine called SMOLive. It displays player stats for your SMO room, basically utilizing the same mechanism as SMO's room view itself, but displaying things differently (and being more resistant to intermittent server lag):

smolive.png (191.88 KiB) Viewed 2000 times

Basically, when you are playing, open up the SMOLive, enter your room or player name, and that's it. Of course, you can also also watch other rooms as long as they are not /secret. Some parts of the app are still buggy, and I would appreciate suggestions as well as feedback in general.

Disclaimer: Even though the data comes from, the good folks behind SMO have nothing to do with this project. Simply put, if it breaks blame me (preferably, in this thread), and if it works give praise to SMO staff. No warranty of any kind is given.

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Re: SMOLive − this little side project I'm working on

Postby foxfire667 » Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:09 pm

I'm surprised no one has said anything about this yet, it's pretty great! I really like the animations, and the detailed additions just grabbing from SMO data is pretty awesome too!

Since I've been looking at it for several minutes now i might as well make some suggestions.
- It'd be nice of the number of arrows and the percentages were next to each other as opposed to cycling between them.
E.G. Flawless: 95 (95%) | Perfect: 5 (5%) | Great: 0 (0%) ...etc
- Being able to look back on chat history permanently would be great, as it would eliminate needing both the room window and this window open if i'm just lurking. For talking however that would require SMO involvement I would imagine.
- The time could be more cleanly displayed. "T:0000" Is unnecessarily simplistic, even without any fancy graphics a "Time played: 00m 00s" would be much more desirable.
- I'm not sure what the number beside the difficulty is representing (e.g. the 7.8 next to expert in your accompanied image). As a public release, you probably should start labeling everything which isn't labeled. I know you have a sort of FAQ, but for simple things like one or two word identifiers next to a number are quite handy. Anything needing more than one or two words (e.g. definitions and layout interpretations) can be elaborated via FAQ.
- There are songs people play which may give them 5 digit judgements and combos, you should have at LEAST 5 0's in every numerical category.
- User's EXP doesn't need to be labeled in shorthand (e.g. 12,345,678 EXP instead of 10.277MEXP). The shorthand notation looks strange, If it breaks the design too much to move the avatar to the right a tiny bit, perhaps a user info box would be more suitable. You could put additional statistics within it (e.g. time played, songs played, average grade, etc) as well to give people a more in depth understanding of a person's ability and time spent playing SM.
- An option to enlarge the graph would be awesome, considering it is the most impressive data portion of the project. Let your work shine, especially when there are several players in a room, since it'd be easier to visualize differences in scoring!
- Putting a numerical percentage in the song progress bar would be swell (e.g. 25% in the center of the bar).

I hope I sparked some ideas with my suggestions, I really appreciate that you put the effort into making something like this! It's always awesome to see that there are people out there who are interested in SM and SMO, and that they want to create stuff around it. Thanks a lot for posting this!

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Re: SMOLive − this little side project I'm working on

Postby Cube » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:58 pm

Definitely Cool, if you wanted to integrate with chat, you might be able to just snag the SMO cookie of an authenticated session.

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Re: SMOLive − this little side project I'm working on

Postby » Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:22 am

Thanks for the suggestions, foxfire667. As of 0.693, I have incorporated two of them: first, there are now labels for the "difficulty-feet-dp%" box fields. Hopefully it helps. Second, the time field below them is now more verbose. In actuality, the displayed time is the difference between first and last notes (as seen by SMOLive), so it is hard to come up with a short but descriptive label for that.

As for the other suggestions:
  • I have tried to mimic the Default SM theme look-and-feel when possible. Therefore, the judgement counters have four digits. Of course, nothing should prevent five-digit values from being displayed correctly. I'm also considering displaying judgement counts and percentages side-by-side instead of cycling between them, but haven't yet figured out how to do so without adding too much clutter.
  • Displaying chat log permanently would require a re-think for the message display logic. So not doing it for now, at least.
  • I don't want lurkers to spam the chat, so I won't be adding a "send message" feature any time soon.
  • Player EXP comes from the player's profile page, where it is rounded to the nearest 0.1mil. Even though it would be nice to display the exact EXP, it is currently not possible. Displaying other stats (scraped from profile pages; see this) would be possible, and I'll try experimenting with them in later updates.
  • I think I could make the graph to enlarge itself on mouse hover, if that helps.
  • The song progress bar uses OS/GUI/browser-native UI element, which usually doesn't support displaying textual values inside.

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Re: SMOLive − this little side project I'm working on

Postby » Sat Dec 10, 2016 8:15 am

Improvements in 0.696 (browser cache clean might be necessary to get the latest version):
  • Animation on/off state is now saved between sessions
  • Initial "Which room" dialog remembers the last search
  • Hovering over the graph enlarges it (looks like crap though)
Next, I'll be working with adding a Settings dialog, and improving the enlarged graph quality.

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Re: SMOLive − this little side project I'm working on

Postby Ren Bowe » Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:32 pm

This is really cool definitely will be using this in the future!

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