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Connection Guide

Posted By Izzy On: 2012-10-07 11:05:32

Connecting to

- Open Stepmania 5 or Stepmania 3.95
- Select the Options Menu
- Select Network Options
- Select "Connect" and enter one of the following without quotes


If you have successfully connected you should receive the message "Connection to successful"

Joining a Game:

You will need an account on this website as well as an in-game profile in order to login and play.

- Create an account by clicking register to your right. (Logging in from client will also register an account)
- Create a profile in-game by selecting profile in options (note: must match sites username)
- Select Game Start and continue until server login.
- Enter your password

You should now be in the smo lobby.

Recommended versions of stepmania:

- Stepmania 5
- Stepmania 3.95 cvs
- OpenITG 2

- Stepmania 5

- Stepmania 5
- OpenITG 2
Site is Launched!

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2012-09-16 22:20:58

Just the first post for the site launching. Lets bring back SMO people!