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Japanese Input (平仮名入力機能)

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2013-09-13 23:25:16


「/japanese」のコマンドを使えばchat boxに入力した字は全て平仮名に変換され平仮名に表示することになります。


「kanntannnomonowotutaetai」 ってchat boxに書けばいいです。WINDOWSのIME入力にほとんどん同じになっているはずです。




Japanese input has been enabled on the server by converting text written into the chatbox into hiragana. This probably doesn't mean much for most of you but it can be enabled with the /japanese command. It can be disabled by running the /japanese command again. It should behave similar to windows IME input. The examples/details were explained in the above post in Japanese.

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Support for Friends and kickban

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2013-09-08 12:21:20

Support for Friends and kickban

First off a new /kickban command has been added so you can permanently kick peopl from rooms so they can't rejoin. I know this has been requested a lot.

As some of you have already noticed there is now a friends button in the right navigation menu under the link to your profile (if your logged in):

You will also notice friend Invite buttons on the profile pages where you can request people to be your friend. If you have any friend requests you will have the number of them in () Near the link to your friends page. From there you can accept/deny friend requests. This is also where you can cancel and or remove people from your friends as well.

Once someone is your friend you will get a server mssage whenever they login to the server (first line in the screenshot):

If you the /friends command you will get a list of your friends and the room they are in in this example:

'friendname': (Roomname)

Like in the screenshot (third line)

Lastly when they disconnect you will get a message letting you know they have disconnected (third line in the screenshot.

Here is the screenshot:

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Private Messages

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2013-09-07 04:57:52

Private Message support Added

The server now supports private messages via the /pm command. It is used via:


The username can be shortened down to 3 letters at the lowest and is case-insensitive. For example if I was on the server and you wanted to message me. Whats up? it would be:

/pm hou Whats up?

Or even the fullname:

/pm houkouonchi Whats up?

This was added as it was relatively simple and a popular request. Also I hope I fixed several crashes that were causing server instability. One bug that had to do with the amount of characters in the room name/description is now definitely fixed. Several of the other ones I won't know for sure until the server has been up for a while but I think I have clauses for almost all of the exceptions the server was running into in the last month now.

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Server will be going down for Maitenance likely next week

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2013-06-13 00:43:26

Update: 06/29/13
Server is back with its new array.

Unfortunately it took longer than expected due to several complications:

1) The controller I used to create the new array was in a format the older model controller in my server couldn't use.

Because of this I ended up having to gank a spare controller and now have two raid controllers in the system (the original one drives the SSDs and the new one drives the new 3 TB disks).

2) The new controller I added wasn't supported by the kernel on the server so I had to build a new kernel.

Anyway the server is all back up and should stay up for good.
End Update

Update: 06/28/13
Server is going down to night in approximately 2 hours (8 PM PST)
End Update

Update: 06/17/13
It looks like the drives are not going to be coming until Friday so this is going to get delayed another week as time is needed to copy the data to the drives. The updated schedule is now Jun 27th or 28th.
End Update

Just a heads up that likely sometime next week (might be 2 weeks) so probably on June 20th or 21st.

It will be going down for possibly up to several hours. I am replacing the current raid array (8x1.5TB in raid6) which stores all data on the server to new disks (8x3TB in raid6).

The extra space is not really needed but the main reason for this is the current array has already had 2/8 drives fail (both within the last 6 months). These two disks have since been replaced but already have re-allocated sectors and the 6 other disks have been powered on 24/7 for over 4 years.

Basically I feel these disks have served out their lifetime and its time for new ones. The new disks are Hitachi which have proven to be far more reliable than what is in the server now (Seagate).

I will update this post next week with an exact date/time the server will be going down.

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