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ODI Pack 3

Posted By Izzy On: 2013-05-26 19:49:45

It's out! It was 5 years since ODIPack2 was released. Now, with a new era of simfile makers combined with many of the old ones, we have made a third pack! Only files of the highest quality have been accepted in this pack, and even so it includes a whopping 108 simfiles. This will be the last and grand finale in the ODIPack series, there has been a tremendous amount of work put into this project, enjoy =)!

SMO Download

MegaConz Download
Server was down for 6 hours

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2013-04-27 02:54:21

Sorry guys. The server either spontanously rebooted or lost power and its not setup yet to start at boot (I will do that later today). It was down for a while until I noticed. First Outage in a while...
Pack aware server

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2013-04-02 09:45:15

Pack scanning support
Update: 04-06
I found another bug. The client will use the translated title/artist/subtitle when one is available. I had to re-index the packs/songs and modify the server code to check for that. Once I did that pack detection accuracy went up again and for me I went from 140 packs detected to 155. Please run /scan again if you haven't since this update.

Update: 04-05
There was a bug in the scanning which didn't handle packs where the unique identifier had special/foreign characters in it (utf8 string). This caused some packs to not be detected. I fixed this problem and now for me it is detecting 140 packs vs 130. I suggest everyone re-run a /scan.

Update: 04-04
Pack scanning has been enabled on the regular server.

Run /scan to scan packs. Keep in mind if your far away from the server it can take a minute or two. It must be ran from within a room.

Run /commonpacks to see what packs you have in common with others in the room. Keep in mind as of now only about half of the packs have abbreviations set so you will get comma's with no value as that means the pack has not been assigned a value yet. Also it won't display unless everyone has ran /scan (it will say which user needs to run it when you run /commonpacks).

I know this feature has been requested a lot. Originally I didn't think implementing something like this would be possible but this is kind of a hack around not modifying existing game protocol.

So after I spent some time indexing the packs I found that 1150 of the ~1300 packs listed on the site have at least one unique song in them and thus packs can be identified from the song assuming the client has not deleted songs out of their pack folders.

I added a /scan command (currently only on the beta server) that has the server go through the list to figure out what packs you have.

Currently the server just prints what packs it thinks you have.

As soon as I implement it (probably in the next few days or this weekend) the server should be able to store whac packs you have in the db (so just need to /scan when you add packs) and then a /commonpacks command you can run that will be able to check all the users in the room and print out what packs people have in common.

I would appreciate if some people would go on the beta server and test this feature out and see if it looks like the server is getting all (or most) of your packs and report back on how it worked (as well as how slow it was) by commenting on the forum.

It only took around 20 seconds to scan though 1150 packs on my home machine but being <5ms away from the server means it would go much quicker than foreign folks. When the final product is done it likely will only check the top 20-30% of the packs and not all in order to increase scan time.

The beta server as always is port 9999 so connect to:

Then make a room and then type /scan


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Reverse Simfile Pack Search

Posted By Izzy On: 2013-04-01 01:13:36

Reverse Simfile Pack Search

There has been a lot of people asking where to find particular songs in the chat. Hopefully this feature will help everyone get what they are looking for because it is incredibly difficult to memorize 1000's of song packs and their contents.

If you click on a song page to the left you will notice it now lists which simfile packs that file is included in. So to find any song you want to download you can search for it on the right under the search tab and get to the song page to see the listing of packs.

Once you know which pack the song you want is in just go to the downloads page and ctrl+f and search for the pack.

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