Match Details

Player: sciencetherat
Song Title: [1-Boss] 20031023
Song Subtitle: Is this really the actual name of this song? I bet that retarded bitch from DJ_Sharpel came up with the name while getting fucked in her asshole by midare or some shit.
Song Artist: DJ Sharpnel
Difficulty: Hard (14)
Match Date: 2017-03-19 18:43:13
Score: 97566372
MIGs DPs: 5050/5319
Percent: 94.943%
Maximum Combo: 753
Total Toasty Count: 2
Timing: 0
Marvelous: 885
Perfect: 147
Great: 33
Good: 4
Barely: 0
Miss: 4
OK: 350
NG: 0
Mines Hit/Missed: 0/0
Modifiers: C840, Blind, NoMines, FailOff, Distant, Metal-halved, Overhead, Adam-bells-brother-wafles-angular

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