Match ID: 4111929 (Alamanar)
Match Details
Player: Alamanar
Song Title: Forever
Song Subtitle: I want to be with you forever. Please, please, don't leave me. You said forever. Pls. Stepmania forever.
Song Artist: Noname (ft.Ravyn Lenae and Joseph Chiliams)
Difficulty: Beginner (9)
Match Date: 2017-10-22 10:35:27
Score: 252752399
MIGs DPs: 3387/3726
Percent: 90.902%
Maximum Combo: 362
Total Toasty Count: 0
Timing: 0
Marvelous: 874
Perfect: 209
Great: 29
Good: 1
Barely: 2
Miss: 5
OK: 61
NG: 0
Mines Hit/Missed: 0/3
Modifiers: C1050, Reverse, FailImmediateContinue, Overhead, Super-special-hax, Default

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