[Looking for help]Sigma Project needs help!

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[Looking for help]Sigma Project needs help!

Postby CrzP » Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:10 am

I think I should look for some help here.QUQ

Sigma Project(SP) is a GROUP that produce stepmania song packs/themes...and we are interest in many things,too,XD.
We are the ONLY activiting Stepmania Lovers group in some ways...
It works in small sub-groups(e.g.Hatsune Miku Project Beats,Beats Of ACG).
Now Beats Of ACG is started up by Vera via!That's why I come here to post a thread.
Sigma Project Offical Website
Contact us by joining QQ group!:341526271
Or email!:bzgsbgscrz@gmail.com

What is Beats Of ACG?
CrzP:There are something VV said when he is introducing Beats Of ACG.
I translated them into English and made some fix.

Vera Via:Hello everybody,I'm Vera Via(VV).I come to advertise a rhythm game project here today~

After you read those explain,you know that Beats Of ACG's main functions are advertising
and making ACGN song packs for Beats /Stepmania.However,because Beats' functions aren't completed,I chose Stepmania.

As a rhythm game,I think Backgrounds is as important as step charts.If there is a 3D character with you,don't you think it's very cool?
I start this project in Sigma Project(SP)'s support.SP is working as many small groups.
But there is no one making ACG song packs.I join SP and want make this part of it alive.
So now I'm BOA's Project leader,Make ACG song packs.

The problem is,as you can see...BOA's advertising isn't work.
There is only a little people followed my facebook,and I didn't find anyone who want to help me.
I've tried making step charts,but they are big mess....I only have a little tech in making MADs.
And you know...no steppers,no song packs...

I don't know what exactly I should say...There are many great steppers around the world,
but they sometimes refuse to collaborate with others,think making steps freely by himself is good.
I've chatted with some steppers,but they often say'I can't see your honest' or 'I don't I should join your group' and refuse me.

So I invited an artist to draw Beats Of ACG's representing characters.
But her TO DO LIST is long,there are only two characters.I know it's just something small.
However,these are all that I could do at present.
(The text on it is in Chinese)

I have a wish:If you are a rhythm games lover and also an ACGN lover,can you lend me a hand?
Even you don't want to follow BOA as a gamer,can you press 'follow' on my facebook?
At least let we know that we aren't doing something useless.
If I can find steppers that want to join BOA and help us/milkshape 3d model artists.
They can come to the Stepmania world!This choice will be reduced by your behave(^_^).
I'll be very happy if you choose joining us!

If there are steppers who want to help us,Beats Of ACG will publish song packs like animes(may one pack/three month?).
And if you can help us but fee,I would like to pay for it(not too expensive...please,TAT).
I'm not someone rich,but ACG saved me when I was young,let me have the hope of life.
I want to do it even it needs some money.Let more people know ACGN is worth!

We need these at present:
2.BGA makers
3.milkshape model makers
3.MMD movie makers

Thanks for your reading!Please help us!
We are sigma group!

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