Lots of suggestions

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Lots of suggestions

Postby Moogled » Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:45 am

Been playing for a while and using the website a lot, here's a list of features I came up with. I'll update this later if I come up with anything else

Website general
An explanation of the scores being 'judge 3.95' somewhere
Link to resources to find themes and noteskins on downloads page
Profile edit, maybe a little text box for contact info or a description of the player (bio)


When looking at/stalking a room, it automatically updates for a few seconds then stops, perhaps add a refresh button on the page to update the chat/scoreboard instead of having to reload the whole page

When looking at a room, have a button to show last completed score instead of or in addition to current score so you can see what people got on the last song
(also include a link to the last completed song's leaderboard and the current song's leaderboard under 'Song')

A 'lobby overview' page where you can see the last played song of every room (song played, the score, modifiers used) so a player can tell at a glance if there's anyone playing a song they know or if someone's around their skill level

A '/morehelp' command, since on stepmania 3.95 default theme the /help command scrolls slightly too far off the top to see

A '/roominfo' command, showing some stats like songs played, max players, room creator

Website scores

Show multiple (2 or 3 to prevent people spamming a whole page with their name) scores by the same person if they're on different difficulties as default:
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?page=song&sid=4019 show both xXOpkillerXx's Hard (10) and Expert (10) scores instead of choosing one
(if someone has played more than 3 difficulties on the same song, choose the 3 which were most recently played)

Filter scores by difficulty:
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?page=song&sid=4 either show all difficulties (Hard 15, Expert 14, Easy 14, etc.) and let the user choose which one to view, and/or make sure that scores from different difficulties don't overlap
(currently it sorts songs by difficulty so it goes: all 15s, all 14s, etc. but it should also sort within the same difficulty rating, so all Edit 15s, then Expert 15s, Heavy 15s, Standard 15s, Easy 15s, Beginner 15s, Edit 14s... etc.)

Filter incomplete scores, this was on another topic but hasn't been done:
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?page=song&sid=2216 remove I WANNA KILL THE STEPMANIA's score
EDIT: the other topic was viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2461 ... dang

A mouse tooltip for what the star (shows all of the player's scores) and vs. (shows room information) buttons do, I didn't realise what they were for until I randomly clicked them

When a song has a long name or artist they should be truncated, otherwise it takes up a lot of room, then make it clickable to expand to the full title. This happens on a few pages:
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... song=puddi
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... &sid=80562 (nothing wrong there, but an example of a song which causes problems)
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... le&uid=754 (if a song with a long title/artist was there), possibly others

When searching for a song, show which pack (if any) it's from, otherwise to find a vague song it's just guessing
e.g.: http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... song=ageha there should be a column showing the packs each song is in so someone could find the most popular one. Also the last match played functionality doesn't work properly, maybe replace it with the top leaderboard score?

Option to combine all difficulties so a user can see all scores together if they think someone was using a different difficulty but had the same steps (Top Scores(all) button does this)

Option to show important modifiers like nohands/nojumps/mirror/nomines on a new column

Option to sort top scores of a song by DP, also to show DP somewhere on the score's page http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... id=1448966 (it shows the grade currently but not the exact %)
this is similar to viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2431
(also add an option to sort by amount of CBs (Goods + Boos + Misses))

On a user's 'AAA' page, instead of showing the first time someone AAAs a song, show their best score
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... rade=1&p=4 (or last page)
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... 754&sid=31 I AAA'd with a better score but it still shows the first score

On the Game Details page, add a column for the player's name like the song leaderboard page
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... rid=669041

On the Top Players list, increase the amount of players per page to 20 instead of 15
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... &sort=rank

On a user's "all scores for one song" page (by clicking the star), have an option to sort by time instead of by score so you can see progress over time
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... 4&sid=5359


Common packs are inaccurate, detecting packs that aren't there and showing weird results when typing /commonpacks or /showpacks
Small example http://stepmaniaonline.net/packlist.php?uid=754 it detects "A Dump Solo Christmas Pack", "Apersons", "MMPOFMP1", "Mudkyp 3rd Gen+ Complete (v3)", "SmO", "StepmaniaFreaks Favorites" and "TalonMix II", not sure where they came from

Fix difficulties not going above a certain number (16?):
http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?page=song&sid=1719 Hard 13 showing above Expert 4 which should be Expert 20

EDIT: not happening viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2322 but should be fine with difficulty filter... which was suggested back in 2012, dang viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2331 viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2325

Searching for a user and a song at the same time has an extra column pushing everything to the right: http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... me+le+vent

(this is probably fixable on the client, but dunno how to for now) On the 'Match Details' screen and also in the results screen ingame the noteskin doesn't always show up in the modifiers, and http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?pa ... id=1587418 (my modifiers list ingame is 'C850,30% Mini,Overhead,Mina')
also it places a comma in my modifier '30% Mini' where the space is
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Re: Lots of suggestions

Postby Izzy » Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:04 am

Thank you for the suggestions. Reading over them they all appear to be feasible by the smo team and don't require and client modification.

Just wanted to clarify that the server side judging is actually 3.99. You might be aware, but it should be known that the reason is to avoid false negative greats or goods. It leans slightly to the higher scoring.

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Re: Lots of suggestions

Postby Thumbsy » Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:01 am

Wow, boom, hit the nail right on the head.
I second every single point, some incredibly useful suggestions here that cover a good amount of things that have been bothering me too, now that I think about it.

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Re: Lots of suggestions

Postby Moogled » Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:07 pm

added a few more suggestions and clarified some stuff

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Re: Lots of suggestions

Postby Guilhermeziat » Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:28 pm

someone should sticky this

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