OVERHELL's Rampage I (RE-RELEASED) (Updated)

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OVERHELL's Rampage I (RE-RELEASED) (Updated)

Postby Ov3rHell3XoduZ » Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:08 pm

I released this pack the first time, like 1.5 years ago. I was not happy with the final result so I decided to edit it and re release it again. I think the Pack looks so much better now. I have improved some charts and mostly recalculated some difficulties. Also some songs have more than one chart.

Remember always than some difficulties can be differents from person to person, uses them as a guide. The pack was made to be played on Arcades. All songs are in .OGG format and includes the .sm and .scc file in case you are going to play it on Stepmania 5. And I have ordered the titles of the songs adding a prefix at the beginning of the title showing the Difficulty of the hardest chart from that song.

This pack contains 30 songs, all songs have Experts chart only with the exception of a few of them that have Hard and Medium charts. Compared to the Rampage II, this one is easier. The range is from 12 to 21.



Level 12's:
- [12.1] Glorious Morning (Age Of War Theme) by WaterFlame
- [12.2] Time Bomb by FitnessGlo

Level 13's:
- [13.3] MAX 300 Renaissance by DJ Huy
- [13.5] Hyper Hyper by Smiley

Level 14's:
- [14.0] BOOM BOOM FIRE by Be For The Beat
- [14.5] AAA (The Ultra Rennaisance Revival) by Magna Trickie

Level 15's:
- [15.3] Steelgods Of The Last Apocalypse by Rhapsody
- [15.5] Discord by Speedcore Industries
- [15.5] Speedcore Vibes by Imil ft. VWT
- [15.7] Gengaozo by 455-38B
- [15.8] Never Stop The Speedcore (Frenchcore Remix) by IKDK

Level 16's:
- [16.0] The Power Of Lunacy by Sunhiausa
- [16.4] Paranoid
- [16.5] Flying High by DJ Splash
- [16.6] Illumination Of The Sky by Phantasma
- [16.6] Yellow Supernova by Sunhiausa
- [16.8] Chiyopop? by GORESHIT

Level 17's:
- [17.0] Motherfucking Psycho by Imil
- [17.0] Tell Me Why Speedcore Is So Awesome (Annoying Ringtone Remix) by M1DLET
- [17.2] Levan Polkka (Basshunter Dac Remix) by Holly Dolly
- [17.2] ReaF by M1DY
- [17.3] Ostinato by Cardboard Box
- [17.4] Running In The 90's by Max Coveri
- [17.5] Disconnected Disaster by DJ Banzai

Level 18's:
- [18.0] It Burns Burns Burns (DJ Doomz Remix) by LOCO LOCO
- [18.4] Delirium by Smiley

Level 19's:
- [19.3] Bits With A Bite by BSK (MOB SQUAD TOKYO)

Level 21's:
- [21.4] July by Smiley

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks You

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