[Research]Guitar vs Piano 1.2

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[Research]Guitar vs Piano 1.2

Postby StepFan » Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:13 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build back my library of song onto step 5 and I can't guitar vs piano 1.2 which was available by the time single with 3 or 4 difficulties Hard or Insane being the last one.

I have look onto http://indeedengine.com/packs/search.php and the only song that I want is a double: http://indeedengine.com/packs/pack.php?id=386 by Goukisan.

Does anyone has it???

Thanks a lot...
Ps: I want to apologise for this really bad grammar it was late I shouldn't had posted that shit.

Anyway, I m looking for this song to add it into my library. I did try to search it onto indeedengine and can't find a proper one. The only one existing is the pack mentionned above which is design for double and the single file does contains only 1 step to press.

Anyway if anyone has this file, could you please upload it I will thank you eternally ! :)

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