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Private Messages

Postby houkouonchi » Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:57 pm

Private Message support Added

The server now supports private messages via the /pm command. It is used via:

/pm <username> <message>

The username can be shortened down to 3 letters at the lowest and is case-insensitive. For example if I was on the server and you wanted to message me. Whats up? it would be:

/pm hou Whats up?

Or even the fullname:

/pm houkouonchi Whats up?

This was added as it was relatively simple and a popular request. Also I hope I fixed several crashes that were causing server instability. One bug that had to do with the amount of characters in the room name/description is now definitely fixed. Several of the other ones I won't know for sure until the server has been up for a while but I think I have clauses for almost all of the exceptions the server was running into in the last month now.

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