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Re: Post Your Computer Specs

Postby GrueKun » Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:59 pm

Updated since.

Primary PC
OS: Windows 8.1 Professional (well, for the time being anyway).
RAM: 12GB DDR3 1600
CPU: Intel i5 4690k @ 3.5 Ghz (I just let turbo boost do its thing, thing blows my old Phenom II out of the water)
HDD: 128GB Kingston HyperX SSD, 2 x 500GB WD Blue 7.2k RPM SATA Hard Drives in RAID0
MOBO: Gigabyte Z97-UD5H
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 960 GDDR5 4GB PCIe x16
PSU: BFG LS-550 550W (8 years old, and refuses to die)
Case: NZXT Source 210

Model: IBM System x3500 Type 7977
OS: Windows Server Standard 2016 Edition
CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon E5410 @ 2.33 Ghz (8 Logical Cores total)
HDD: 8 x 146GB Seagate Barracuda 15k RPM SAS (RAID 6)
PSU: Dual 800W IBM Hot Swappable

Also has hot swappable fans, SATA support, etc. I use it for testing and caching data from a rental server off-site.

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Re: Post Your Computer Specs

Postby dublx13 » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:50 am

well this mine :

Processor Intel(R)Core(TM)2Dou CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHZ
GPU Mobile Intel(R) 1292MB

this is pretty much all i know about my laptop :D
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Re: Post Your Computer Specs

Postby JustinNF » Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:27 am

I'm just using a laptop tbh. Not a buffy laptop too. (Too poor for getting a buff one ;_;)
RAM: 4GB DDR3, 1600MHz
Processor: Intel Core i5-4200, 1.60 GHz
Graphic: Nvidia Geforce 740M
Using an external kb because RIP laptop kb (2k14): Logitech K270 (Imma change it soon)
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Re: Post Your Computer Specs

Postby Uberknife » Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:07 am

I use my university-issued Fujitsu. It turns into a tablet ;|

Intel i5-5200 2.20Ghz
8 GB ram

That gets plugged into a 1920x1080 22" TV that I use as a monitor.

My keyboard is a Redragon Kumara tenkeyless - Cherry MX green switch EQUIVALENT (90Cn)

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Post Your Computer Specs

Postby LauraBaw » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:12 pm

Oh gees, i was thinking here we go hes gonna have the latest greatest, thats worse than mine lol.

Home built i run a computer business
3gig ddr ram
geforce 7900gt 512mb
athlon 64 3700 socket 939 single core

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Re: Post Your Computer Specs

Postby BarX » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:44 am

I got a new comp recently.

Windows 10
i7-6700 3.4Ghz
24gb DDR3 ram
Geforce GTX 960 (awaiting for my 1070 to be delivered =3)

Sandisk 128gb SSD
WDC 3tb slave

Razer blackwidow chroma mouse and keyboard (which apparently gives more dropped notes than a fucking microsoft keyboard. >=\)

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