help me find the songs and packs I lost? 2012/2013

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help me find the songs and packs I lost? 2012/2013

Postby raversdisease » Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:40 pm

I started playing stepmania in december of 2012, and then there were still a lot of packs and songs to download off of the official stepmania website. the songs and packs I had were 1 through 5 of these runner ups and winners and other entries, Im guessing it was from a song/pack making tournament of some kind, either way I loved them. I no longer have any of these files because the computer they were on got stolen. I also downloaded a lot of individual songs as well and one of them was a song I still think of a lot but no longer have. It was called "life is trance" (i found one or two called life is trance but it wasnt the same one im looking for...the one i liked was really soft and trancey) Im pretty sure, but I cant find it ANYWHERE and I really liked this song the most.
I know that pretty much all the stepmania packs and songs to download are on here, but there are SO MANY song packs and such trying to find my nostalgic songs is like finding a needle in a haystack. If anyone here has the songs from the stepmania site in 2012 or the ones I mentioned it would be AWESOME if you could direct me to the downloads. I really miss these songs! :yay:

EDIT: did more research and found the old "site" I was looking for and got excited but everything is gone and nothing is downloadable...but pretty much Im looking for all these and the step mixes:

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Re: help me find the songs and packs I lost? 2012/2013

Postby foxfire667 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:35 am

There are a ton of StepMix packs, so instead of making a hundred links I'll post one to SMO's downloads page. If you scroll down or use the finder to locate "StepMix", you should find everything you were looking for and more.

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