Tandem [Pad Double Pack]

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Tandem [Pad Double Pack]

Postby Stepland » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:22 am


Tandem is a pack of 10 Double charts that focuses more on fun (or weird depending on your taste) patterns rather than your typical 16th notes dumpstream.

Download Links

Stepmania 5 (512x160 banners)
In The Groove (418x164 banners, +9ms offset)
r21-Ready (no graphics, +9ms offset, .ogg under 5 MB & patched)

Song List

Chart example

First Pack here yay !

Double play is sooooo underrated I thought making a pack would be a good idea to draw some attention on this style nobody wants to play for some reason. I hope this brings some of you back on the pads !

Enjoy !

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