Community Stamina Pad Pack [Open subs]

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Community Stamina Pad Pack [Open subs]

Postby Carmelo » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:25 pm

I just came to let you guys know about a pad pack that is still in progress and open for submissions.
The theme of this pack is (obviously) stamina pad files, and all of you are invited to participate in this project.
If you want to send a chart or provide feedback/gfx help/etc. come to the Facebook group :
Or if you dont have Facebook, PM me here and I will put your files in the pack.

Song List (21/30) :

-AA (Carmelo)
-Blue Dragon (NUWGET)
-Dawn of a Dark Day (Receptor Remix) (Boo)
-Epic Manner (NUWGET)
-Exothermic (Boo)
-Extraction (Boo)
-Gargoyle (NUWGET)
-Grand Summer Fights (NUWGET)
-Hello Happiness Extended Ver. (JClipse)
-Hey Gabbarena! (ICTToken/D.Lewis)
-Je vais entreprende de penetrer votre esprit (NUWGET)
-Kyrie (NLPD)
-Love Is Not Enough (MRZO Remix) (Boo)
-Nageki No Ki (Carmelo)
-Olive (NUWGET)
-Pon (Boo)
-This Cant Wait (NLPD)
-Witchcraft (Fletz + J.Bond)
-World End`s Yama Xanadu (J.Bond)
-Yuru Fuwa Jukai Girl (Boo)

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