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Reverse Simfile Pack Search

Posted By Izzy On: 2013-04-01 01:13:36

Reverse Simfile Pack Search

There has been a lot of people asking where to find particular songs in the chat. Hopefully this feature will help everyone get what they are looking for because it is incredibly difficult to memorize 1000's of song packs and their contents.

If you click on a song page to the left you will notice it now lists which simfile packs that file is included in. So to find any song you want to download you can search for it on the right under the search tab and get to the song page to see the listing of packs.

Once you know which pack the song you want is in just go to the downloads page and ctrl+f and search for the pack.

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Site Speed Optimizations.

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2013-03-28 07:43:46

Site Speed Optimizations

I noticed as the DB grew that the site was performing quite a bit worse and MySQL load getting fairly high on the server. I went ahead and looked through the mysql slow logs to find some of the queries that were slow and and were examining a huge number of rows (sometimes upwards of a million) and added several indexes to several columns in several tables.

From my testing it looks like this sped up the site significantly. Let me know if you guys noticed the improvement by commenting.

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Stepmania 5 Beta 1

Posted By Cube On: 2012-12-26 07:35:28

Stepmania 5 Beta 1 Now Available!

Lots of work has been put into this release so please try it out. This is the best version of Stepmania yet!

Change Log

StepMania 5.0 Beta 1a (Windows)
StepMania 5.0 Beta 1a (Mac OS X)
StepMania 5.0 Beta 1a (Linux 64 bit)
StepMania 5.0 Beta 1a (Linux 32 bit)

If you run into any issues please report them here.

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100k Songs played

Posted By houkouonchi On: 2012-12-20 09:22:28

Server has reached a new milestone!

The server has *just* passed 100k songs played. I honestly must say I did not expect it to happen this fast when I decided to revive stepmania online a few months ago nor did I think the site/server would have come so far when I decided to use OpenSMO as a back-end/base for the site.

New Features:

Finally the server-side judgement has been completed and tested. The server now judges as if you were J4 regardless of what judgement level the client is set at. If you stay at J4 you should not notice much of a change. If you play at a high level of judgement there are some cases where toasties can be slightly harder to get and slightly less jump XP but it should only be a few notes difference if anything at all and only at very high judgement levels.

Because of the above change the grading is now done server-side as well. This means everyone gets standard grades which is based off the 3.95 default which is MAX based. This also means that since it is calculated on the fly (not sent by client) You will not immediately see a D grade when you get a combo breaker but instead will see what your grade would be if the song ends there. This means your grade can fluctuate down *and* up, IE go from AA -> A and then back to AA again.

Password Changes. I know a few people either chose bad passwords or messed up when creating their account so I have now added on the site the ability to change your password. Its listed near the logout button or you can do it here:

You can now view 'room' or 'game' pages so you can see who you played with on that game (like the old original SMO).

Near the star icon (where you could see your best results) there is a VS button whcih shows the 'game' results. Only entries since today will have room information otherwise it will list N/A for the room title, description, owner, etc...

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